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Any to Any becomes possible...

(!!!!!Rooting required!!!!!)
(!!!!!You SHOULD need to check if "MirrorOp Sender" is compatible with your handheld/tablet before buying a Register Key!!!!!)

MirrorOp Sender is a software application that can project your Android screen images to a MirrorOp Receiver through WiFi. Information about Various MirrorOp Receivers can be found on www.MirrorOp.com/receivers. A simplest way to try it out would be:
1.Make sure your Android device is rooted, and is listed in the supported devices.
2.Download (from Android Market) and install the MirrorOp Sender on your Android device
3.Download the Windows version of MirrorOp Receiver from above site, and install it!
4.Make sure your Android device and the PC connect to the same WiFi network
5.Run the Receiver application from your PC
6.Run the Sender application from your Android device
7.Follow the screen direction on your Android device to project to the Receiver!

* Suggestion: Get a McTiVia Receiver device to project Android screen to a HDTV!

* Note: The sender CAN NOT support audio projection.

Android is an open system, so there are many display/frame-buffer designs for various kinds of devices. Therefore, we can't guarantee our MirrorOp Sender can run on all the android devices without any problem. The MirrorOp sender needs to access frame buffer so you must root your android device on the most cases. However, we still found there are some devices we can run on without rooting.
Here is a device list which we've tested. MirrorOp sender can capture at least basical user interface for devices in this list. Due to different Display Architecture, camera preview or video can not be captured for some devices. The list also shows if a android device should have a root permission before using the Sender.
The Device List we have tested: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApYa_HK09xy4dEVNUXVnSGlIMmpWTzZLby1PRE1hOGc&hl=en_US#gid=0

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